2nd T20: Bengal Tigers vs Bhojpuri Dabanggs

The next match after 1st and opening game of Celebrity Cricket League 2015 edition, the two teams will take on each other. Bengal Tigers and Bhojpuri Dabanggs will be gathered in Mumbai to create a sense of tough competition.

This is the 2nd T20 match of the event to be played between Bengal Tigers and Bhojpuri Dabanggs in Mumbai and scheduled to play 07:00 pm local and 02:00 GMT. Both the teams of this 2nd game will try their extreme best to open the event on victorious notes.

Match Info:

19:00 local time | 13:30 GMT
Bengal Tigers vs Bhojpuri Dabanggs

Players in the Spotlight: Bengal Tigers

Bengal Tigers is looking forward to this match on the behalf of their opening because there are total 8 teams and total 15 matches to play so Bengal Tigers will aggressively approach the opposition as well as Bhojpuri Dabanggs.

The Bengal Tigers team under the captaincy of Jisshu who is an all-rounder is fully confident and the entire team will be in aggressive mode to take on the opposition. Dev and Rahul are placed in the pioneer middle order batting lineup while Amitabh and Joy are also in the line of pure batsmen.

Suman, Gaurav and Vivek, these players are also in form and they are fully prepared, mostly the Bengal Tigers team is consists of bowlers and moreover there are all-round players who are weaker in the bowling lineup.

Players in the Spotlight: Bhojpuri Dabanggs

Bhojpuri Dabanggs is also fully loaded with talented and genuine fighters who are in form, energetic and match winners too. Dinesh Lal Yadav, Vikrant Singh and Aditya Ojha are the all rounders of this team while Manjoj Tiwari, the skipper of this team is also an all rounder as well.

This team got Pawan, Vikash Singh and Yash Kumar who are pure bowler, on the counter side Alok Kumar, Akbar Naqvi and Ajhoy Sharma are having perfect combination. In the batting lineup, Sushil Singh, Praksh Jais and Ayaz Khan are there to provide their services.

The players from both sides will be in aggressive mode to participate after the rest of one year, that’s why a tough competition is being expected.

Match Prediction:

Winning Chances

Bengal Tigers 55% _______ Bhojpuri Dabanggs 45%

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