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Book CCL 2017 Tickets Online

The Celebrity Cricket League 2016 will be started on 23rd January, 2016 with first match that is to be played between Mumbai Heroes and Punjab De Sher. There are total 8 teams who are going to take part in the celebrity cricket league season 6.

The former champion Karnataka Bulldozers are also fully aggressive to defend their championship. Other 7 teams are there to win the event celebrity cricket league.

CCL 2017 Tickets Mumbai

There are total two matches that are scheduled to be played on 10 January; these two matches will be played on Saturday 10 January at Cricket Club India.

  • CCL 6 1st Match: Mumbai Heroes vs Punjab de sher Tickets
  • CCL 6 2nd Match: Karnataka Bulldozers vs Bhojpuri Dabanggs Tickets

CCL 2017 Tickets Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the most important venue of celebrity cricket league because all the important and main matches of CCL 7 are scheduled to be played here including Semi final and final meetings as well. Total 7 matches are due to play here at Lal Bahadur Stadium, Hyderabad.

Two semi final matches including grand finale will be played here at Lala Bahadur, Hyderabad.

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  • CCL 6 3rd Match: Telugu Warriors vs Bengal Tigers Tickets
  • CCL 6 9th Match: Telugu Warriors vs Karnataka Bulldozers Tickets
  • CCL 6 10th Match: Kerala Strikers vs Veer Marathi Tickets
  • CCL 6 1st Semi Final Tickets Hyderabad
  • CCL 6 2nd Semi Final Tickets Hyderabad
  • CCL 6 Final Match Tickets Hyderabad

CCL 2017 Tickets Ranchi

Ranchi stadium will host only two matches of Celebrity Cricket League 2016, these two matches of CCL 7 will be played on 17th January, 2016.

  • CCL 6 5th Match: Mumbai Heroes vs Kerala Strikers Tickets
  • CCL 6 6th Match: Bhojpuri Dabanggs vs Telugu Warriors Tickets

CCL 2017 Tickets Bangalore

Bangalore is also included in the venues that are to host Celebrity Cricket League 2017, and this stadium will host two matches of CCL 7 scheduled to be played on 18th January.

  • CCL 6 7th Match: Chennai Rhinos vs Veer Marathi Tickets
  • CCL 6 8th Match: Bhojpuri Dabanggs vs Telugu Warriors

CCL 2017 Tickets Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is among the list of hosting venues of Celebrity Cricket League season 7; total two matches are scheduled to be played here. Mumbai Heroes and Chennai Rhinos will play the 1st at Ahmedabad, while the 2nd match of this venue is to be played between Bhojpuri Dabanggs and Bengal Tigers on 25th January, 2016.

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  • CCL 6 12th Match: Bhojpuri Dabanggs vs Bengal Tigers Tickets

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