CCL 2017: Telugu Warriors Theme Song Celebrity Cricket League – CCL 7

CCL 2017 Official Telugu Warriors Theme song full official version released, here you can get Telugu Warriors original Theme Song for CCL 2017 with free download option. Get the latest updated theme song of TW for CCL 2017.

One of the most talented teams of Celebrity Cricket League is Telugu Warriors which is going to participate in CCL season 7 with its own theme song, the song which expresses their motives, affiliation, love and passion with this cricket league.

The song of any group defines their motives, aims and their pattern regarding that group, in the same way, the theme song of Telugu Warriors narrates their feeling, emotions and their keen interest in the cricket league in which it is going to participate.

  • Music: Telugu
  • Language: Hind, Telugu & English
  • Category: Lounge

Telugu Warriors Theme Song


Gearing up for the action, drama and entertainment this season, Telugu Warriors are all set to rock CCL6. Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming CCL 7.

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Telugu Warriors Theme Song Review:

The theme song of Telugu Warriors is composed not in a single language but it is a mixture of more than one language like it is combination of English and Hindi language, although it confuses to some extent but more than that, it creates thunder and blaster feelings to its listeners.

The song is really nice and heart touching because is composition is so unique than any other team’s song of this league because this song, no doubt, provides a full dose of energy and potential to team members as well as to the supporters and devotees of this team.

According to the views of the song listeners, the song is different from all of others because its lyrics creates such feeling in body that listeners want to make blunder and boom in the surroundings and the line of the song make high the morals and their aggression for the cricket.

All the team members and supporters are happy to have such a unique song for their team and the song is the reason for the most of the supporters to come and join this league as supporter of that team in CCL 2016.

Venkatesh is the captain of  Telugu Warriors, vice captain is Srikanth while Taraka Ratna, Babu Samrat, Nikhil Sudhir, Prince Raghu, Akhil Akkineni and Naveen Chandra (wk) are other bright players of this team.

In the season of 2013 league, Telugu Warriors remained as a runner up team and in the season of 2012, it reached to the semi-final round but now they are fully determined to break the previous records and will shine in this league of 2015.

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