CCL 7: Bengal Tigers Team Members 2017

  • CCL 7: Bengal Tigers Team Members 2017

    Get the complete list of Bengal Tigers team players for Celebrity Cricket League 2017, also get the team members, squad and all the information for CCL 7th edition.



    1. Jisshu, (captain)
    2. Amitabh (wk)
    3. Suman
    4. Wicket
    5. Arijit
    6. Veivek
    7. Dev
    8. Debraj
    9. Partha
    10. Riju
    11. Sandy
    12. Soham
    13. Joy
    14. Raja
    15. Rahul
    16. Saugata
    17. Indrasish
    18. Mohan
    19. Joydeep
    20. Gaurav
    21. Prasun.

    Officials Stats:

    • Owners: Booney Kapoor, Sri Devi Kapoor & Arjun Kapoor
    • Coach: Sushil Skaraya

    The Bengal Tigers team is added in Celebrity Cricket League in 2012 and this time it would be 4th season for them as they did not play the pioneer edition of CCL. Bengal Tigers team is owned by Booney Kapoor who is a prominent figure in Celebrity Cricket League.

    Booney Kapoor is one of the successful directors of Bollywood as he has given too much films to the Hindi Cinema. Jisshu is the captain of this team who is a star of Indian Dramas and has been quite successful actor in past as well. Jisshu will play as all rounder for his team while Dev is the vice-captain of Bengal Tigers.

    Bengal Tigers failed in making some up to the mark appearances in all previous sessions because this team did not reach to semi-final even for a single time. Total 13 all-rounders are there in the team and on the other side; this team contain 3 genuine bowlers and 2 origin batsmen in the squad.

    This season is much more important for the Bengal Tigers team because the season 5 is going to be moderated one among all the previous editions.

    The skipper of the team is a talented guy in cricket as he played some responsible innings which helped the team to survive as his innings of 67 runs against Karnataka Bulldozers in 2012 is one of them.

    Brand Ambassadors:

    Raima Sen and Payal Sarkar, these two beautiful and gorgeous celebrities are appointed as the brand ambassadors of Bengal Tigers for all the seasons of Celebrity Cricket League.

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