CCL 5: Mumbai Heroes vs Veer Marathi 1st Match Prediction 2015

Mumbai Heroes vs Veer Marathi 1st Match of Celebrity Cricket League session 5 to be played in Mumbai on 10th January. This is the opening match of the event which will be played at “Cricket Club India” and scheduled to play at 2:30 pm local time.

14:30 local time | 09:00 GMT

Mumbai Heroes vs Veer Marathi

Mumbai Heroes under the captaincy of Sunil Shetty will take on Veer Marathi which is lead by Ritesh Deishmukh. Both the teams will be in good form as they are having the plan to open the event on victorious notes.

Match Prediction:

Veer Marathi 45% _______ Mumbai Heroes 55%

The Cricket Club India (Mumbai) is the home ground of Mumbai Heroes and that will provide a massive support in form of home crowd which will boost the Mumbai Heroes team moral. While the Veer Marathi is also looking good as they have made some changing in their team squad.

Players in the spotlight:

Rahul Gore who is the all-rounder of Veer Marathi team is back and settled in the middle order batting lineup. Mahesh Manjrekar who is another all-rounder in this team is also sure to play in the opening pair with Ritesh Deshmukh.

The bowling lineup of Veer Marathi is extremely well as this team introduced the leading wicket takers bowlers during the CCL event in 2014. Riteish Deshmukh is also a genuine bowler, but he failed to pick up some wickets as he improved his batting skills more than enough.

Manoje Biddvai is also located in upper class of the team because of his excellent appearance in the previous session who led the team to the victorious end.

Mumbai Heroes also managed their team power in proper way as they have brought some of the dangerous player back to the team and placed them on perfect places.

Sunil Shetty, the captain of the team is still young and energetic and that’s why the team if fully confident under his captaincy. Aftab is also a dangerous player as he scored his century in the previous season which was a jaw felling moment.

Samir Kochar, Bobby Deol and Aditya Roy Kapur are match winning players for Mumbai Heroes as these players are extremely well with their non-professional performances.

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