CCL 2017 Teams Owners & Franchise Owners

There are total 8 teams in the celebrity cricket league edition 7, their owners, franchise owners and official statistical information of all the teams of CCL season 2017. Complete information related to Celebrity Cricket League 2017 team owners & investors.

Mumbai Heroes:

Sohail Khan

The Mumbai Hero franchise league owned by Sohail Khan, a prominent film production house and distribution company of high status feature movies in Hindi which organized exhibition matches in India and out of India.

Chennai Rhinos:

Ganga Prasad

Mr. K. Ganga Prasad is the genuine owner of the team who is the Managing Director of GVR Infra Projects Ltd. Ganga Prasad lead the flagship company of the group which is an ISO 90000 certified integrated project Management Company that offers services in infrastructure.

 Telugu Warriors Pvt.LTD:

Sachin Joshi (Co-Owner)

Mr. Sachin is one of the most successful actors and directors in Telugu film industry; he has acted in a couple of Hindi and Telugu films as a leading actor.

Apart from being actor, he is also an entrepreneur while on the other side he Is the Vice Chairman of “JMJ Group” which is working in various fields as construction, gym, spa, tissues, hotels and energy drinks.

MR Suresh Babu (Co-Owner)

Mr. Daggubanti Suresh Babu is the co-owner of the Telugu Warriors with Sachin Joshi. Suresh Babu is the leading Telugu film producer and also understands the business of entertainment better than any other. Babu runs the Suresh Production that has produced over 100 movies in all Indian languages.

Karnataka Bulldozers:

Mr. Ashok Kheny

Mr. Kheny is the promoter of the Nandi Infrastructure which is currently working on construction involved in different mega projects.

Kerala Strikers:

Kerala Strikers contains three high level celebrities as the owner,  Padmashreelt. Col. V. Mohanlal with Ms. Lissy Priyadarshan and Mr Sanji own the team Kerala Strikers.  Mohanlal is the most dominant owner of the team as he has won National Film Award four times a row.

Ms. Lissy is one of the favorites silver screen actresses, she also has been the successful businesswoman, while Mr. Shaji runs a 33 years old Company Cold Point Pvt. Ltd which is working on air conditions’ manufacturing and distribution over the country and has 50,000 customers.

Bengal Tigers:

Boney Kapoor is the franchise owner; he is one of the highest profiled producers in Bollywood. He has shown hits movies to the world, Boney started his carrier as a producer in 1980 and his first movie Mr. India was a blockbuster hit in Bollywood.

Arjun Kapoor:

Arjun Kapoor, son of Boney and upcoming Bollywood’s star is the co-owner of Bengal Tigers. He won a lot of awards on the behalf of his talented appearance.

Mr. Raj Shah: (Co-Owner)

Mr. Raj Shah started his career as a Management Consultant and then diversified in distribution of films in North America and now actively involved in media world and sports.

Veer Marathi:

Ritesh Deshmukh is the most attractive and popular Bollywood actors who have achieved a lot. He has acted in many Bollywood films. Ritesh Deshmukh also has been part of many commercials over the past 10 years. Ritesh is quite known by his cricket abilities and talent.

Bhojpuri Dabanggs: 

Bhojpuri Dabanggs is the only team who got 5 owners. Mr. Mohit Kamboj, Mrs Aksha Kmboj, Mr. Surendra Mehta, Mr Santosh Singh, Mr. Sundeep Koachar.

Mrs Aksha Kamboj is a successful and leading business woman; she is the CEO of KBJ Entertainment and working successfully.

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