CCL T10 Day 1 Results & Highlights – Celebrity Cricket League 2017 T10 Day 1 Results

Celebrity Cricket League 2017 (CCL T10) started on 24th December, 2017 with the first match between Bengal Tigers and Chennai Rhinos. Total 4 matches played on 1st Day of Celebrity Cricket League T10 2017. Here is the complete details of Celebrity Cricket League 2017 Day 1 Results, who won and who lost the match.

Chennai Rhinos Vs Bengal Tigers Match 1 Result:

The 1st match of CCL T10 played between Bengal Tigers and Chennai Rhinos at Hyderabad, where Bengal Tigers pasted the target of 92 runs. In order to chase down the target, Chennai Rhinos failed to attempt. Bengal Tigers Won The Match.

Karnataka Bulldozers Vs Kerala Strikers Match 2 Result

The 2nd match was played between Kerala Strikers and Karnataka Bulldozers in which Karnataka scored a target of 86 runs and Kerala Strikers chased down that target easily and won the match by 9 wickets.

Bengal Tigers Vs Telugu Warriors Match 3 Result:

The 3rd match of CCL T10 was played between Telugu Warriors and Bengal Tigers in which Bengal Tigers scored the target of 98 runs and Telugu Warriors chased down target and won the match by 9 wickets.

Mumbai Heroes Vs Kerala Strikers Match 4 Result:

4th match of Celebrity Cricket League 2017 played between Mumbai Heroes and Kerala Strikers in which Mumbai Heroes scored the target of 85 runs and Kerala Striker defeated MH and won the match by 8 wickets.

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