Celebrity Cricket League 2016 Prediction, Who Will Win

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Celebrity Cricket League edition 6 will be started on 23rd January, the 1st match of the event is scheduled between Mumbai Heroes and Punjab De Sher. Before direct entering in the event CCL, let’s get our prediction that who will win the CCL edition 6.

Karnataka Bulldozers won the title in the 2014 session and they were champion at that time as well, there have been 4 seasons that took place so far and it’s the 6th edition to be started by the next year as per CCL 6 schedule. Chennai Rhinos is the champion debutant as this team won the 1st event.

Chennai Rhinos has been the pioneer champion of the idea involving non-professional cricketers based a cricket league. After ending the governance of Chennai Rhinos, Karnataka Bulldozers got the position and they acquired the championship for two times in a row.

Bulldozers have a record that this is the only team to play all the semi-final of the event, they lost two and they won two as well.

This time the competition is at its peak and the teams will be in more hunger to demonstrate their cricket-power and that is going to be a challenge for defending champions Karnataka Bulldozers. Telugu Warriors are in more aggression because they were meant to win the event before a previous season.

Mumbai Heroes are also in form as they rebuilt them in an aggressive attitude to win the event, but they did not defeat the Karnataka Bulldozers in a way to become the champion. Karnataka Bulldozers have managed to win the event for two times in a row and this is also a reality that they have played two final matches before and did not able to pick a title for a once.

Kerala Strikers, Mumbai Heroes and Chennai Rhinos will be in forward line to become the champion and that’s why the pressure on Karnataka team to manage the title. Mumbai Heroes performed extremely well in the previous session as this survived in a couple of matches and they got the chance to play final and that was just due to their hard work.

No doubt that Mumbai Heroes is a difficult team, but this team is consisting on match winners on a smaller scale which insists them to play securely. Kerala Strikers are also in healthier form and they are looking extremely well to take on all the teams of the event.

There are some hot favorite teams of the event in which some of them are listed below, these teams are in the race of favorite teams for the title.

  • Mumbai Heroes
  • Kerala Strikers
  • Telugu Warriors
Updated: December 28, 2015 — 10:47 am

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