Celebrity Cricket League Fans on Social Media

As we already have list of all official social media sites links of Celebrity cricket league but here we get you the list of fans of Celebrity Cricket League, the fans from India, Pakistan, United Kingdom, USA and Sri Lanka are listed here with their percentage.

Celebrity Cricket League which is a non professional cricket league is having the based on Celebrities related to different cinemas and television industries of India only. Like the professional international cricket, the CCL is also having a big fan club on social media Facebook, Twitter and other web pages.

Here are the real and authentic figures of Fans partitioned with their countries and percentage, Celebrity Cricket League is having mostly fans in India, then Bangladesh and their neighbor country Pakistan stands on 3rd position.


United Arab Emirate and Saudi Arabia are also in top 5 countries in order to fans of Celebrity Cricket League.

India is at the top of the list with 7, 99,373 fans in the country, Bangladesh is on 2nd position with 17,106 fans of Celebrity Cricket League on Facebook. 15, 379 fans from Pakistan are part of Celebrity Cricket League fan club on facebook.

13, 976 from United Arab Emirate and 7, 896 fans from Saudi Arabia are part of CCL fans club on social media. Fans of Celebrity Cricket League from other countries are also in the list, but their contribution is not at large scale.


Updated: December 6, 2015 — 5:05 pm

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