Chennai Rhinos Theme Song Celebrity Cricket League

Watch Chennai Rhinos Theme Song for Celebrity Cricket League 2016 season, also get Chennai Rhinos team song HD official full version with free download option.

Another participating cricket team in the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) 2016 is Chennai Rhinos that has its own theme song which shows the affiliation of team member and its devotees with this team and league.

  • Music: Drummy, Mix
  • Language: Tamil (Chennai)
  • Lyrics: Unknown



Chennai Rhinos Team Song Review:

Basically the theme song of Chennai Rhinos is filmed in the cricket ground where the personal singer of the team sings the song and moreover, the song of this team is full of potential and rocking which brings a wave of energy in the players as well as in the supporters of the team.

The theme song of Chennai Rhinos is composed in Tamil Language, although it is difficult to outsiders to understand it buy no doubt in this fact that those people also enjoys the aggression lines and wording of this song which creates an atmosphere of joy and pleasure when the song is played.

The song was firstly introduced by the officials of Chennai Rhinos but this passion arose in the devotees and fans of cricket so rapidly that they started to compose such many songs in the praise and glory of the team. The song of the team is full of passion and energy and team members seem very happy and excited with such an aggressive song which shows their high motives for this league.

Captain of the team is Vishal who has proved as a good leader in all aspects of cricket, and he is happy to have such brilliant song for the team and a such a huge number of supporters of the team, this fact has raised his courage and now he is ready to participate in this cricket league.

Team Squad:      Vishal (captain), Vikranth (vice captain), Kumar Sharan Sundar Ramu, Nithin Sathya Prem, Sanjay, Ramana, Bose Venkat, Manuday, Jithan Ramesh, Bharath, Shaam, Prithvi (wk), Shanthanu, Shiva, Vishnu

Brand Ambassador: One of the most beautiful ladies of Indian Showbiz is Trisha who has taken the charge of the brand ambassador of Chennai Rhinos, Trisha is hopeful to improve her team with the purpose to make it the most famous team of this league and the champion of CCL 6.

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