Karnataka Bulldozers Theme Song Celebrity Cricket League

Get Karnataka Bulldozers theme song official full version of Celebrity Cricket League. Also get the KB team song for CCL 6 with free download option.

Another participating team in the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) 2016 season is Karnataka Bulldozers which has its own theme song that was specially sung by Kunal and Sonu Nigam

, a handsome famous singer belongs to India film industry.

  • Song Title: “Karnataka Bulldozers”
  • Singers: Kunal & Sonu Nigham
  • Music: Rock
  • Language: Karnataka

CCL Karnataka Bulldozers Song

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Karnataka Bulldozers Theme Song Review:

As known that Sonu Nigham is the most fabulous singer not only India but he is a worldwide singer whose songs have the ability like a magic to hypnotize its listeners through his soft, attractive, and sweet wordings.

The theme song of this team is full of potential and words of aggression which not only raise up the morals of the team players but also the supporters and devotees of this team who are much happy with such a beautiful song.

Sonu Nigam has got a huge popularity and fame in the world just because of his capability of singing such heart touching songs. He is an Indian singer whose songs have been composes mainly in Kannada and Hindi movies and he has also sung many songs in other languages like Tamil, Assamese, Oriya, Punjabi, Nepali, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam and Bengali.

There is no doubt in this fact that is song is filled with energy and rock which provides full dose of aggression, not only in team members but in all the supporters and fans of this team who want to see their team on the top position of every match of this league.

Karana is the native language of that area and that’s why the theme song of Karnataka Bulldozers is in Karana language and the lyrics of this song are full of energy and aggression which take high the ambitions and morals of supporters and member of the team.

Sundeep is the captain of the team who has proved his abilities in the cricket world and he performs his duties as well as behind the wicket because Sundeep is really a very talented player although he is not a professional cricketer but he has got required abilities.

Sundeep, Chetan, Rahul, Pradeep, Vishwas, Dhruv, Tarun Sudhir, Tharun Chandra, Chiranjeev Sharja, and Sarsan are the players of Karanataka Bulldozers.

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