(CCL 6) Karnataka Bulldozers vs Bengal Tigers Scorecard, Result, Match Summary & Scorecard 13 Feb 2016 – CCL 2016 1st Semi Final

Finally the four teams are confirmed and playing semi finals of CCL 2016, in 1st semi final Karnataka Bulldozers taking on Bengal Tigers on 13th Feb 2016 at Hyderabad. Get CCL live scorecard 1st Semi final of 2016 Celebrity Cricket League season 6. Here is the live Bengal Tigers vs Karnataka Bulldozers T20 live scorecard, ball by ball live commentary, full scorecard, match summary, toss report, pitch conditions, weather updates and KB vs BT cricket scores live.

CCL 1st Semi Final: Karnataka Bulldozers vs Bengal Tigers Scorecard

Venue Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Uppal, Hyderabad on 13th February 2016 (20-over match)
Toss Bengal Tigers won the toss and decided to bat
Result Karnataka Bulldozers won by 7 wickets

Bengal Tigers innings Runs Balls Mins 4s 6s
Joy b Sunil Rao 20 12 2 1
Indrasish c Rajeev b Sunil Rao 18 17 2
Suman b Sunil Rao 6 6 1
Yusuf c Sudeep b Karthik 51 29 6 3
Jisshu c Sharma b Mahesh 19 17 3
Sandy b Chandra 24 24 4
Raja c Mahesh b Chandra 0 2
Uday c Pradeep b Chandra 5 5 1
Vivek run out (Sudeep) 4 6 1
Manty c and b Chandra 0 1
Mohan not out 1 2
Extras (2 lb, 1 nb, 17 w) 20
Total (all out, 20 overs) 168
Fall of wickets:
1-30 (Joy), 2-47 (Indrasish), 3-47 (Suman), 4-90 (Jisshu), 5-148 (Sandy), 6-149 (Raja), 7-163 (Yusuf), 8-164 (Uday), 9-165 (Manty), 10-168 (Vivek, 20 ov)
Karnataka Bulldozersbowling Overs Mdns Runs Wkts Wides No-Balls
Karthik 3 0 42 1 3 1
Pradeep 3 0 24 0 1
Sunil Rao 4 0 26 3
Sharma 2 0 22 0 2
Mahesh 4 0 24 1
Prasanna 2 0 16 0
Chandra 2 0 12 4

Karnataka Bulldozers innings Runs Balls Mins 4s 6s
Pradeep run out (Uday) 26 22 4 1
Rahul c Jisshu b Vivek 0 4
D Sharma not out 56 42 6 3
H Rajeev c Jisshu b Sandy 58 32 5 2
J Karthik not out 5 5 1
*+K Sudeep did not bat
T Chandra did not bat
Prasanna did not bat
Sunil Rao did not bat
Mahesh did not bat
Pratap did not bat
Extras (1 lb, 3 nb, 21 w) 25
Total (3 wickets, 18 overs) 170
Fall of wickets:
1-5 (Rahul), 2-73 (Pradeep), 3-157 (Rajeev)
Bengal Tigers bowling Overs Mdns Runs Wkts Wides No-Balls
Vivek 3 0 25 1 2
Manty 3 0 31 0 3 1
Raja 2 0 16 0
Jisshu 4 0 29 0
Sandy 4 0 46 1 5 2
Mohan 1 0 9 0
Uday 1 0 13 0

–> Pratap made his debut in Celebrity Cricket League matches
–> T Chandra achieved his best innings bowling analysis in Celebrity Cricket League matches when he dismissedUday in the Bengal Tigers innings (previous best was 2-11)
–> Sunil Rao achieved his best innings bowling analysis in Celebrity Cricket League matches when he dismissed Suman in the Bengal Tigers innings (previous best was 2-19)

Match Details:

  • Event: Celebrity Cricket League 2016
  • Match: 1st Semi-Final
  • Teams: Karnataka Bulldozers vs Bengal Tigers
  • Time: 14:00 Local | 08:30 GMT
  • Date: 13th February, 2016
  • Venue: Uppal, Hyderabad
  • Day: Saturday

Where to Watch Live

Bengal Tigers vs Karnataka Bulldozers

Udaya Tv and Rishtey TV live provide the live streaming of 1st Semi Final Karnataka Bulldozers vs Bengal Tigers T20. You can get the live cricket scores CCL 2016 Karnataka Bulldozers vs Bengal Tigers here. CCL live commentary of CCL 2016 is available. You can also watch Bengal Tigers vs Karnataka Bulldozers live streaming on official channel of Celebrity Cricket league 2016 on Youtube.com.

Match Prediction:

Karnataka Bulldozers will Win This Match

Karnataka Bulldozers vs Bengal Tigers Live Stream

Match Preview:

After a long journey of 3 weeks, finally we have the two teams fully prepared for the 1st Semi Final of Celebrity Cricket League 2016. Karnataka Bulldozers and Bengal Tigers, these two teams will the 1st Semi final match of the glamorous event and they will play against Karnataka Bulldozers at Uppal Stadium, Hyderabad at 02:00 Local Time.

Karnataka Bulldozers are consistent with their performance as they have been able to reach in semi final all the times. Get the complete details of Karnataka Bulldozers and Bengal Tigers live cricket scores CCL scorecard 2016. Bengal Tigers have also maintained their position in the ongoing event named CCL season 6 as they have got the place in the semi final after a long time and that is a good sign for their team, while a dangerous signal for the opposition Karnataka Bulldozers.

The Bengal Tigers team successfully managed their existence in the Celebrity Cricket League 2016. This team played 3 matches total like all the other teams, but they have won 2 matches and defeated in a single game. In the same Group A, Bhojpuri Dabanggs is the team who successfully got a chance to play in the semi final as they won all the matches they played in CCL 2016.

On the counter side, the Karnataka Bulldozers team also played tremendously in this season as they played three matches so far and won two out of them, but they maintained their Net Run Rate and that’s why they are now in the semi final match because of their NRR that is 1.261, while KB also beat Kerala Strikers as they played three matches and won two, but their Net Run Rate was not eligible to push the team in Semi Final sides.

Players in the Spotlight: Karnataka Bulldozers

The two times former champion of Celebrity Cricket League, Karnataka Bulldozers is looking forward to this match with aggression and passion more than before. Sudeep, skipper of Karnataka Bulldozers is full of talent and he has made his own quite in his original profession, but also marked his status in CCL event with too many success.

Rajvee, the dangerous and best player in this team who has been quite an entertaining as well as a match winner for too many times in crucial stage. While they have got Tharun Chandra, Tharun Sudhir, Dhruv and Vishwas are also in the quality all rounders of this team.

On the other side, Karnataka Bulldozers got Dharma as the specialist batsman, Sunil Rao, Jayram and Mahesh are in the line of competent all rounders.

Players in the Spotlight: Bengal Tigers

Bengal Tigers, the team who reached in the semi final for the first time also acquires the best players and they have good combination of players according to pitch conditions, term of chasing or setting up the targets. Joy, Amitabh and Dev, these three are the best and specialist batsmen in the team, while other players of Bengal Tigers are super all rounders.

Suman, Uday, Indrasish, Yousuf and Sandy are the best all rounders in this team. Their list of quality players does not end here as they Abhi, Vievek, Debu and Bony in their list of all round players. So all of them will have to play the aggressive cricket in CCL today match against Karnataka Bulldozers. So all eyes are on this match.

Karnataka Bulldozers squad:
Sudeep, Darshan, Rajeev, Tharun Chandra, Tarun Sudhir, Dhruv, Vishwas, Pradeep, Rahul, Chetan, Dharma, Sunil Rao, Jayram Karthik, Abhimanyu, Mahesh, Rajesh and Mayur Patel.

Bengal Tigers squad:
Jisshu, Dev, Rahul, Amitabh, Joy, Suman, Uday, Vinaayak, SRV, Indrasish, Yousuf, Debraj, Raja, Mohan, Sandy and Saugata.

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