Movie ‘Haseena’ delayed to Celebrity Cricket League 2016

  • Movie ‘Haseena’ delayed to Celebrity Cricket League 2016

    Director Apoorva Lakhia say that issues have been sorted out and dates will be declared soon about his upcoming Bollywood Movie on Dawood Ibrahim’s sister Haseena.

    Sonakshi is expected to be starred for the leading role in “Haseena The Queen of Mumbai.” The actress has said to be starred in the upcoming biopic.


    “Haseena ought to begin soon. It has been somewhat postponed, it should begin in February. We are holding up to affirm dates and how about we see,” Lakhia told in an interview.

    “Sonakshi has not signed on right now and we are waiting for the dates. She has approved the story theme and all scripts,” he said

    “Haseena the Queen of Mumbai,” will portray the enthusiastic adventure of the underworld Don’s sister.

    Lakhia say that the movie is about to start and team members also liked the story.

    “Movie making is about to start….  Team also liked the script; everyone wants to start the film only the thing which is bringing the delay is the issue about the dates. Once the dates issue is resolved, everything for making movie will be on track. Once the dates are not confirmed it is not right to sign anyone and make him to wait and making us to wait for a year. In the next week we should come to know when everything should be on track,” He said.

    Till then Lakhia will be seen in the Celebrity Cricket League 6th season playing for the Mumbai Heroes the Sohail Khan’s team.

    The producer who has made the movies like, “Shootout at Lokhandwala,” “Mission Istaanbul,” and the remake of “Zanjeer,” feels it is tough task to make a film on cricket.

    I question it “unless it’s an awesome subject. It is difficult to make a movie on cricket. It’s extremely hard to support that level of interest, “Lagaan” was one of the main cricket films, which was not even a cricket film,” he said.

    “It was just based on cricket, which comes only in last 25 minutes. But that was the only movie that was based on Cricket.” He said.

    How about we see what happens with “Azhar” and all,” he said.

    Lakhia is also waiting for his friend Sanjay-Dutt who will come out from the jail next month and this time he will be in the count of the biggest stars in Bollywood.

    “I am so much happy to the point that at last Sanju sir is turning out. He is similar to a senior sibling to me. He was my senior in school, I’ve known him all my life. I know him since I was six years of age. He has likely been a sibling, a supporter. When I came into the industry he was the first person who I went and met.”

    “I am happy to the point that at last this injury is over and he is turning out a liberated individual. I think he is presently going to be one of the greatest stars,” Lakhia said.

    Updated: January 14, 2016 — 10:56 am

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