Mumbai Heroes Theme Song Celebrity Cricket League 2016

Watch Mumbai Heroes Theme Song for Celebrity Cricket League 2016, the new and latest released Mumbai Heroes theme song HD free download.

One of the eight teams of Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) of India is Mumbai Heroes, which is going to participate in CCL6 with high aims and motives which are shown by their theme song that sounds; “Aya re Aya Mumbai ka Hero”. This is the theme song of the Mumbai Heroes team, which shows their prominent appearance in the CCL 2016.

  • Title: “Aya re Aye Mumbai ka Hero
  • Composers: Salim-Suleman & Sajd-Wajid
  • Music: Fast, Rock, Dance

Mumbai Heroes Song CCL

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No doubt that this theme song is full of energy and potential that gives a large power of aggression and energy to all members of the team rather to the lovers of this cricket team and it also fulfils the demands and desires of the team players and supporters of this team who are in the favour of this team and want to promote and winning this team.

The theme song of Mumbai Heroes is purely in Hindi language and the lyrics and words of this song are full of potential and these are used as an energizer to all team members as well as to the devotees of the team who are always on the ground to watch their heroes in their live auctions.

Mumbai Heroes Brand Ambassadors:

 Chitrangada Singh and beautiful Huma Qureshi, who is the main leading and famous actors of Indian film industry and they are hopeful to promote their team in order to raise their ranking and reputation in this cricket tournament. 

First time in the Celebrity Cricket League, the theme song for Mumbai Heroes was introduced by the officials of Mumbai Heroes in CCL 2011, but this trend got too much fame within very short period of time that supporters and lovers of this team started to love this song as well as they began to sing such energetic songs for the team.

The title song of Mumbai Heroes is totally full of rock and pop which bring waves of energy and potential not only in team players, but also in the supporters of the team who want to see their favourite team above in the list of champions of this tournament.

Captain of Mumbai Heroes is Suniel Shetthy and he will lead his team in a right way with his talent of a leader as he acts in the film industry, as he is aggressive in the film world, same as he maintains his team on the ground and he is with a great hope to put all his efforts and potential to win this tournament.

Although the team players are not professional in the cricket field, but they are hopeful rather sure to win this battle like cricket tournament because they have adopted the behaviour and attitude like professional cricketers.

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