Most Runs Scorer in Celebrity Cricket League – CCL

Get the most / highest runs scorer in Celebrity Cricket League in all season, list of players with most runs in CCL. Top 5 batsmen who scored highest runs in Celebrity Cricket League, averages and run rate included.

Player Team Runs
Rajeev Karnataka Bulldozers 690
Sharma Karnataka Bulldozers 493
Vikranth Chennai Rhinos 394
Rajeev Govinda Pillai Kerala Strikers 331
Bhaskar Karnataka Bulldozers 225

In the list of most runs scorer in Celebrity Cricket League, Rajeev from Karnataka Bulldozers stands at top of the list. Rajeev plays as all rounder for KB team; he played 13 matches and played all 13 innings for his team in 4 seasons of CCL.

Rajeev stands at top of the list with 690 runs, he scored 2 half centuries in all seasons of Celebrity Cricket League while 4 half centuries are also included in his total runs and highest runs scored by Rajeev are 154 not out.

The 2nd position in the list acquires Sharma from Karnataka Bulldozers with 493 runs; he played 13 matches and appeared in all 13 innings. He is the 2nd player from Karnataka team and is all rounder too and he also scored 4 half centuries, while on the counter side, he did not able to score a single century.

Vikranth from Chennai Rhinos is standing on 3rd position with 394 runs in the event; he played 11 matches and scored 394 runs in all seasons of CCL. His highest score is 95 runs and also pasted 4 half centuries in his CCL career.

Rajeev Pillai stands at 4th position as he played 10 matches and performed in 10 innings, he scored 331 runs in all seasons of Celebrity Cricket League in which his 2 half centuries are also included. Rajeev Pillai scored 75 highest run in his Celebrity Cricket League career.

Bhaskar from Karnataka Bulldozers is having 5th position as he scored 255 runs in his CCL career, played 13 matches, appeared in 11 innings and pasted his highest 87 runs in 2012 season.

Celebrity Cricket League 2016 to be started on 23rd January, 2015 and all the teams are ready to take part in this CCL edition 6. Some of the players have been making records since the event kicked off in 2011; some of them are consistent with their players while some are not able to maintain their performance.

The Celebrity Cricket League is based on non-professional cricketers, but there are some records that are registered by a couple of players. Here is the complete list of most runs scorer in all seasons of Celebrity Cricket League, these records are based on players appearance in all season played so far.

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