CCL 7 Team Members

CCL 7: Bengal Tigers Team Members 2017

Get the complete list of Bengal Tigers team players for Celebrity Cricket League 2017, also get the team members, squad and all the information for CCL 7th edition. Officials Stats: Owners: Booney Kapoor, Sri Devi Kapoor & Arjun Kapoor Coach: Sushil Skaraya The Bengal Tigers team is added in Celebrity Cricket League in 2012 and this […]

CCL 2017: Chennai Rhinos Team Squad CCL 7

Get the team squad and Chennai Rhinos Team Members 2017 for Celebrity Cricket League. Here you can get Chennai Rhinos team members CCL 2017. Chennai Rhinos team squad CCL 7 for Celebrity Cricket League season that officially have been announced and available here. Chennai Rhinos is the dominant team in Celebrity Cricket Leagues of all […]

CCL 7: Veer Marathi Team Members 2017

Get the officially announced team squad of Veer Marathi for Celebrity Cricket League 2017, team players, members and brand ambassadors. Veer Marathi Team Members 2017 CCL 7 list is now updated and available in detailed version. Official Stats: Owner: Riteish Deshmukh Coach: Monty Desai Veer Marathi, a friendly with fans team is a dominant side of […]

CCL 7: Telugu Warriors Team Members 2017

Get the latest announced team squad of Telugu Warriors team members for Celebrity Cricket league 2017, team members and players for CCL edition 7. All the information and details of Telugu Warriors team for CCL season 2017 has been updated here and given in brief. Official Stats: Owners: Sachin Joshi, Suresh Babu Coach: Vanka Pratap […]