Most Wicket Takers in Celebrity Cricket League – CCL

Here is the list of most wicket takers in Celebrity Cricket League (CCL), top 5 bowlers to take highest wickets in CCL of all season. Here are names of bowlers to take most wickets in Celebrity Cricket League all seasons from 211 to 1014.

Bhaskar stands at the top of the list as picked up 14 wickets during all seasons of Celebrity Cricket League. Bhaskar picked up total 14 wickets in his CCL career and now he will play the 5th edition of CCL, he picked up 8 wickets in CCL 2011/12 seasons and picked 6 wickets in 2013/14 edition.

Player Team Wickets
Bhaskar Karnataka Bulldozers 14
Dhruv Sharma Karnataka Bulldozers 10
Varun Badola Mumbai Heroes 10
Shiva Chennai Rhinos 09
Jayam Karthik Karnataka Bulldozers 09

Dhruv Sharma from Karnataka Bulldozers stands at 2nd position wicket his 10 wickets; he picked up 10 wickets in all season of CCL. Sharma Successfully picked 2 wickets in 2011/12 season and he able to picked up 8 wickets.

Varun Badola is also having 3rd position as he picks up 10 wickets throughout the Celebrity Cricket League season so far.

He also picked up 10 wickets during all the season he played in Celebrity Cricket League, Shiva stands on 4th position as he picked up 9 wickets, while on the counter side Jayam Karthik is having 5th position for his 9 wickets in all seasons of celebrity cricket league.

Updated: December 23, 2014 — 2:33 pm

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