When Will CCL 7 Start – Celebrity Cricket League 2017 Starting Dates

People and Fans of Celebrity Cricket League 2017 are too much confused that why the CCL 7 is taking too much time that why the CCL season 7 is being extended to the next dates. We don’t have the exact answers to these questions because the officials of Celebrity Cricket League have not made any confirmation yet.

It were rumors that CCL 7 will take place by the mid of March, 2017 as some of the officials stated on “Social Media” that Celebrity Cricket League season 7 will be started in the mid of month March of the same year, but unfortunately that does not seem to be stay on the way to kick off.

On the other side, the Indian media is also not showing some responsible attitude in order to reveal the exact dates of Celebrity Cricket League 2017, but they are not supposed to do that job as Indian Media is helpless because officials of this glamorous T20 cricket league is not in favour of revealing the confirmed dates.

Updated: March 3, 2017 — 5:42 pm

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